The Joker

Hello everyone, as I said in my September Favourites post, I wanted to post a movie review of The Joker, I don't usually do movie reviews and I'll be honest this won't be really in depth about the movie itself as to avoid spoilers, but it's more of me explaining my reaction to watching it.... Continue Reading →


September Favourites & An Update

Hello you lovely lot! It’s been a while I know I’ve been mega busy, I want to chuck in an update along with my September favourites, as always I’ve been on a budget so like the last favourites post I haven’t been able to venture out and try new stuff but however I have two... Continue Reading →

Gone Down South

Hello readers! So I recently took a trip to my dads, I think I’ve mentioned it before but if I haven’t he lives in Hampshire in a town called Gosport. I recently stayed down his for a week, and considering we hadn’t scheduled out everything to do we got a quite a lot done and... Continue Reading →

August Favourites

Hello Readers! It’s been a while I know I’ve been busy, here’s a favourites post and a little update all in one so I can tell you all what’s been going on. First up, can we talk about how it’s September already? That has flown by, honestly, blink and you’ve missed it! Soon we’ll be... Continue Reading →

Time To Medicate

I’ve noticed that my mental health was slowly getting worse, recently I was feeling more and more anxious and I know there isn’t a cure for it, some days we feel great and others we go backwards. Everyone is different and I understand that but I can’t stress this enough, admitting that you need help... Continue Reading →

July Favourites

Hello again! Welcome back to another favourites post. Honestly, how is it August already? This year has gone by so quick! Before we know it we will be preparing for Christmas… Okay let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. How have you all been doing? What have you got up to? Tell me in the... Continue Reading →


Readers! Thank you so much this is insane I never believed in myself fully when I started this but it just goes to show what amazing things we can do! TTFN X

Self Love

Why isn’t it easy to stand in front of a mirror and say, “damn! I look good”? Because it's easier to stand in front of a mirror and say, “I should fix that”. I know it’s not healthy but we are constantly criticising ourselves on the way we look the way we dress, what other... Continue Reading →

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