Introducing Me…

Hello, I’m Bethany. Just a quick introduction as to who I am…

I started this blog as I have a passion for writing and I enjoy sharing my adventures and hobbies with other people, giving others an insight into my somewhat interesting life.

I love photography, it’s not a career I have, this is only another passion of mine, a picture says a thousand words especially captured in the art of a simple photo, combining reality with the wonderful imagination. Creating stories with several photos that opens a whole new world to the viewer. Photography is a calming and exciting adventure all in one, you never know what you can capture however you look hard enough and you’ll find worlds most wonderful things!

Mental health, I am passionate about this as I have my own journey through this myself, other people have their own stories and journeys, I have had ups and downs and it is a lot more common than we think, it is a subject that we need to keep talking about and highlight the variety of emotions one person can feel all at once and how dangerous it can be.

I love make up and fashion, being a typical girl and having no better joy than getting a new outfit and my nails done. I feel comfortable in my own style which varies from jeans and a basic top to a pretty skirt and jumper, I can’t wait to share my favourite outfits with you all.

I love to share my travels too, showing people what I get up to and places I go, whether it be staying in my home country England, or travelling abroad, I went to Croatia last year, I’ll definitely have a blog post for that.

This is only a short post but just a little insight as to who I am, let’s build this blog and I can continue my passion of writing and learn new things improving on my skills to make this better.



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