Big red buses and telephone boxes are what comes to mind when you think of London. The West End, the London Eye and Big Ben, not forgetting Buckingham Palace. A city that’s modern but still has an old fashioned atmosphere. Although the underground can be stressful at times during rush hour, it’s such a lovely city to visit.

Recently I took a trip to Central London, and went shopping down Oxford Street, and Regent Street, went into one of my favourite designers, Tommy Hilfiger and treated myself to a jumper and then went into what felt like a child’s imagination which was the big toy store called Hamley’s, there was people performing magic as you walked round, actors dressed up, and possibly the only place you could go shopping for Harry Potter merchandise and have Captain Jack Sparrow talk to you.

London is captivating in its own right, it’s an unbelievable city full of wonderful sights, and a pure feeling of old fashioned British ways, down the odd street you see a small market selling fruit and veg, and at night all the pretty lights that fill the streets with colour.

I can see myself living in the city one day, I feel truly at home when I’m there, like I belong.


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