Down Days

Down days, we all get them, some more than others. Here are some tips I have which can help make those down days easier and better.

Most of it is about distracting yourself from how you’re feeling by focusing on the things you love, if music is a passion, turn that frown upside down and stick on some songs, I try to avoid the sad songs as I feel for me that doesn’t help, stick on an upbeat playlist, at first you may not feel up to it, I know for sure I don’t at first but I feel it works after a few songs, if you’re stuck at home turn that playlist up and do some chores, simple things like getting yourself moving can distract you from the cloudy moments we all have mentally.

If you love reading pick up a book you’ve been wanting to read for a while or even check out some blogs online, you’ll find some people have some interesting articles out there on the web, check them out!

If you feel staying in is one of the main causes as to why you’re having a down day, go out for a walk even if your area where you live doesn’t include any nice public footpaths for a peaceful walk, a simple route into town or just getting out and walking round local streets, if it gets you out of the house and gets you moving it can truly help, fresh air is most of the time the medicine that we all need in this digital age of toxic social media.

Finally the British in me also wants to tell you an important solution that makes me feel a lot better and that’s a simple cup of tea. Two sugars of course…



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