Social Media and Mental Health

Clicking, scrolling, posting, liking, in this modern world social media is everywhere. Websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are so popular it seems to take over everything in life, what becomes more important? How do we find the perfect balance between reality and the digital world? How badly can the consequences of social media damage an individuals mental health? Is there too much pressure nowadays for youngsters to look a certain way or feel a certain way? There are so many questions that circulate this subject, that no one can ever have the right answer, it’s all about opinion. I’m going to share with you how I feel about social media and the dangers of it as well as why we all love it.

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Yes I use social media, all the time, I’ll even admit I use it a bit too much, I find that the first thing I look at in the morning when I wake up is my phone, I open Facebook and I will check it like its the daily newspaper. I will most likely scroll through Instagram and Twitter too, its an obsession, or even maybe an addiction?

We see our favourite celebrities out doing what they love, maybe shopping in expensive designer shops and getting on the latest trend, and everyone else wants to follow along. However not everybody can afford to do that, some people are privileged enough to get the latest pair of designer shoes, is this putting too much pressure on todays children? Are they seeing this and wanting to try and fit in with everyone else? My opinion, I feel it’s important to teach children that they don’t need expensive clothing or designer trends to “be the best” they just need to love who they are and live the life they deserve to live, whatever the outcome. What is even “the best” anymore? There is so much pressure that society is placing on people now that everyone is trying to outdo each other with what they’ve got and how much they have.


How can social media impact an individual? Social media can have both a positive and a negative impact on a person. Mental health can be impacted severely when it comes to the subjects and possible triggers that are posted daily on social media. It even touches upon cyber-bullying in certain cases which prove how harmful it can get, unfortunately most cases suffer in silence which is why our words make all the difference in sharing our experiences telling those people that they are not alone and that there are others who have been in the same situation, who are willing to help them out, even if they are complete strangers, lets spread positivity on social media highlight the dangers and tell others that we can overcome the worst, because we are warriors.

Even though I’m talking about the downside to social media I also need to look at the positives. Social media can also be amazing, it can be used to share the importance of struggles in our society, and it gives mental health sufferers a voice to explain and share their journeys and recoveries to more people which could result in saving someone’s life, think of that for a second. Your words on social media and sending a positive energy and a strong message out to the world could help an individual out of that awful dark whole that they are stuck in. So even though it has it’s dangers it has a powerful positive that outweighs the cons completely. 



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