Travel Essentials

It’s coming up to holiday season, soon everyone will be grabbing their suitcase and going on holiday whether it would be staying in their home country or going abroad. Next month I’m going abroad to the incredible Spanish island, Majorca. I’ve planned and prepared everything I need but one thing I wanted to share is my travel essentials. The necessities I need which can come in handy when stuck on a long journey.


Your mobile phone is a must that’s if you listen to music on your phone if you use another device then make sure you’ve got your head phones and plug them in, music can be relaxing, its the most popular form of entertainment when travelling, however if you aren’t a fan, then listening to a podcast can help or an audio book. It can help relax the mind and can even help with sufferers of travel sickness as it can be a distraction.



One of my must haves is my laptop and if I can’t take that its a notebook and a pen, if I have an idea for a blog post that comes to mind I want to be able to jot it down and write a few lines, you never know when an idea pops up out of nowhere. It’s essential to be able to write ideas down, let your creative thoughts flow.

Movies, Netflix has some movies that you can download so that when wifi isn’t available you can watch them offline. I like my musicals so Mamma Mia is available for a download which I highly recommend, another one I like is Wonder it’s about a truly remarkable little boy called August, make sure you’ve got tissues out for that one it’s an emotional rollercoaster.

Do you like reading? Are you a fellow bookworm? Whether its the modern way with a kindle or not  a book is definitely an essential for when you are going away, one book I am currently reading which I am loving is called Friend Request by Laura Marshall, I haven’t been able to put it down. (Well except for now while writing this)


Tell me what you like to take while travelling, share any book or film recommendations in the comments I’d love to try new things.



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