April Favourites!

Hello again! I wanted to start a monthly post on my blog where I share my favourite things of the month. Whether that would be Netflix series and films, beauty products, health products, hobbies, places I’ve been to, books. I want to share all this with you, what’s the point of enjoying it myself when I can’t chat about my love for it with other people?

First off for me is a pretty simple one, its my blogging, honestly its been such a good outlet for me, I find it so therapeutic and fun to do, and it’s something where I can let go and write about anything I want, I understand why so many of you enjoy it and I’m questioning myself why I never started to do it sooner. One of my favourites subjects at school was English, I loved reading and writing, however I never pursued it later on in life, I feel like it was partly self belief, I never believed that I could be good at what I wanted to do. Blogging it’s something that I can look at in years to come and look back at all the wonderful memories. I also have realised it’s helped with my confidence massively it’s such a wonderful community and everyone is so welcoming and you are not being judged for anything. You can write about anything and people will always be there and encourage you to be you.

I’ve recently subscribed to a magazine which is something I never usually do, however I saw this advertised online and I looked up some reviews on Youtube about the magazine and decided to go for it. As soon as I got my issue through the post I started reading it. It’s a magazine called Blogosphere, some of you may have heard of it some of you may not. It has everything in there to do with the online community, it has interviews with other bloggers in it as well as recommendations of new bloggers that others may not have seen before which I think is incredible, I’m always on the look out for new blogs to read. It also has tips on how to improve your site and help with your blog as well as beauty, fashion, travel and photography inspired articles to read. I love it, I’m sure you will too. If you have any blogs to recommend I’d love to check them out!


I had to include this in my favourites and please do let me know if you’re a fellow Shadowhunters fan. The final season of Shadowhunters is on Netflix and you are correct in thinking that I was straight on that. I’ll give you a quick overview on what the series is about, it’s a fantasy/supernatural themed show, including mythical creatures like vampires and werewolves and even some you may not have heard of. It is inspired by the incredible book series by Cassandra Clare, I personally think that she is a genius. Much to my disappointment the show was cancelled and is now on its final season. It also has a big LGBT audience due to the two characters in the show called Alec and Magnus, which is one of the most popular pairings in the show. It has helped a lot of fans come out, and to be themselves and to feel confident. It also shows themes of female empowerment, demonstrating ideas of opposing the stereotypical ‘male hero’ role, the female leads in the show are displaying confidence and power in the scenes they are in with little help from the male leads. I seriously recommend this show, it’s suitable for all ages however younger kids may find the monsters scary.


I wanted to put this in this post as I’ve been loving them. I went shopping and as usual picked up a pack of make up wipes, I saw that the Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Wipes were on offer so I got them, as soon as I tried them I fell in love. I’m not kidding they are possibly the best make up wipes I’ve ever bought, they removed my make up so easily I didn’t have to rub hard to get it off, and it left my skin feeling so smooth, I’ve seen a big difference in my skin since using them. I suffer with dry skin so it’s hard to find a product specified for dry skin that actually works, and surprisingly they work. Only £1.50 a pack I would pick them up and try them. I am definitely going to carry on buying these. One chuffed chick here!


A book I’ve been reading recently is one by Laura Marshall, it’s called Friend request and I have been loving it this month, unfortunately I don’t get the time to read that often but when I do I have struggled to put this book down. It’s gripping and every page is enticing. If you are looking for a great read then I definitely recommend this book. I’m also going to check out some of her other novels too as I love her style of writing. I couldn’t go without including it in my favourites for the month.


I saved the best till last of course. Easter eggs! They have definitely been my favourites of the month, I mean who doesn’t like chocolate? I personally like a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons, a good classic that one. However there are free from choices in supermarkets as well, I recommend Asda, they have a wide range of easter eggs when it comes to their free from range. I couldn’t include a picture of my Dairy Milk Buttons as I have eaten it. It was yummy if that helps…



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