Book Review: Friend Request

Hello readers, how are we all? I wanted to start doing book reviews on my blog. As well as writing, I also like to read in my spare time, I particularly love crime novels. However there is the odd book that can be completely different that I will fall in love with. I just love the way you can create this whole new world in your head, escaping the real world and letting your imagination immerse itself in a different dimension of unexpected twists and turns.


I’ve just finished reading a book called Friend Request by Laura Marshall, It’s a crime novel (surprise surprise) which got me gripped just by reading the blurb, you now it’s a good book when that happens, it left me with so many unanswered questions that I had to get it. 

I won’t give out any spoilers in this review, that’s just not fair. Usually with crime novels I like to be able to be a part of my own Scooby Doo gang and try and solve the mystery, and sometimes I do guess correctly but this one really did get me with every plot twist it was a real page turner for me, I don’t usually have a lot of time to read so when I did pick this book up it was heartbreaking to put it down and having to wait until next time when I could pick it back up and find out the next drama that unveiled itself in the pages of this brilliant novel. This is hands down at the top of my list of favourite novels that I have read and that takes a lot (I mean Harry Potter… come on, also side note what’s your house? Slytherins unite.)

I love the style of her writing the way she writes, chopping and changing the chapters into past and present, giving more of an insight into each and every character. The emotional turns in the story get you feeling the way that character would have felt. I specifically love the way the story leaves you on a cliffhanger with every chapter, there isn’t any filler chapters. Certain characters in this book I seem to have an emotional connection with, for example the protagonist in the novel tends to overthink a lot of things and focuses on other peoples opinions about her, figuring out if they are negative or not, and I tend to find myself doing that too.

I would seriously recommend this book to any crime novel lover out there. I enjoyed reading this book and now already reading my next book, the one I’m moving onto is more of a political story which is different for me but I am very interested in what it has to offer. Also keep your eyes peeled for my next post about my holiday to sunny Spain which is coming soon!



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