Sun, Sea and Sangria

Recently I went on holiday to the Spanish island Majorca, it was a week away that I definitely needed. And I enjoyed every minute of it. The food was lovely, the drinks were lovely, the view was insane and the people were so friendly. I used to visit Majorca all the time when I was younger around the time that my Abuela lived out there, but since she sadly passed away I haven’t been back, and this was the first time going back to the island since then. I went to a different town rather than the one she used to live in. My abuela lived in a lovely place called Palma which a lot of people would be familiar with I assume, as it is a popular place to go and visit. The place we went to recently was called Alcudia and it was amazing.

Day One.

The first day we relaxed as we had a late night flight our bodies were tired and didn’t really feel up to walking around everywhere so we chilled out by the pool looking out at the lake opposite and the lovely palm trees really setting the holiday vibe for us, it was an all inclusive holiday so we made sure to treat ourselves to the cocktails that were available. They tasted lovely by the way.


Day Two.

The next day we decided to make the most of the sun and sit around the pool again, deciding to check out a different pool this time, this one had more entertainment on during the day as we had the hotel staff performing dances around the pool and organising activities for everyone to take part in throughout the day, they were so welcoming and friendly. Then we got changed for dinner and because we were ready earlier than we thought we took a quick walk down the high street and checked out the little gift shops which no doubt stocked all the cheesy and cliche souvenirs every British tourist dreams of buying. In the evening we watched an ABBA tribute act which was really good and we didn’t hesitate to sing and clap along with the classics.


Day Three.

We decided to take the morning easy and surprise surprise… sit by the pool, but we did get involved in an aqua gym class which was exhausting, working out is hard enough let alone in the water. In the evening we got changed for dinner and went to check out the evening entertainment. As its an all inclusive hotel, the food is in a buffet style and it is delicious, mixing classic dishes that we all know and love with some traditional Spanish dishes that reminds me of when I was younger.


Day Four.

I know its a shock but we didn’t sit by the pool today, we decided to go for a walk down towards the beach and the harbour and check out the sights, the weather was lovely not too hot with a bit of a breeze, perfect walking weather. They had the sand art on the beach which was incredible and really shows how talented some people are. We stopped for a drink at a local bar and enjoyed the sun and some tasty tapas. The shops are so cute as well, handmade crafts and funny souvenirs. When out on our walk we saw the perfect opportunity for a very cliche tourist picture, I’ll put that below so you can see. In the evening we had dinner at the hotel again and then went out to check out the cubs on the high street at night and it was an incredible atmosphere.



Day Five.

Today we went out to the market, Alcudia market is said to be very big, and it stayed true to it’s word it was so big I’m pretty sure we got lost several times and was walking round the same bit for 20 minutes. It was so nice to see all the different fruit and veg stalls and the handmade crafts that people had for sale. We had a nice cold smoothie after walking around to cool down. I had a tropical one because I couldn’t decide which fruit I wanted. And we had dinner in the evening again at the hotel and watched a Take That tribute act in the evening.


Day Six.

It was our last full day today so we sat by the pool and then went on a little walk as me and my cousin took the opportunity to have a little photoshoot, I mean when the chance arises for a good instagram picture you got to do it. Then we had a bit of a bittersweet moment at dinner, half of me wanted to go home and couldn’t wait to be back in my own bed and seeing my boyfriend after a week away but the other half of me enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to leave.


I had such a good week away, and I can’t wait until the next adventure.

Hasta luego.



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