May Favourites

Here we are with another monthly favourites. This month wasn’t the best so I don’t really have much to put in my favourites apart from the inspiration from my holiday this month. So let’s get stuck in.

First thing for my favourites in May is a new body lotion that I tried as I do suffer with dry skin. It is the Vaseline Intensive Care; Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion. It is the first lotion I have used which doesn’t leave you standing there for ages waiting for it to dry so you can get changed. I also love the fact that I have seen a positive difference in my skin since using this product, which doesn’t happen often. The have it in a spray bottle as well as a tub which I find is easier to reach places you can’t get to on your own. I really recommend this product, it will leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth.


My next favourite is a book. I’m a bookworm and as much as I do love my fiction novels I do also love a good motivational non-fiction book and this one is perfect, any bloggers, writers, readers, artists, any skills that you want to put to use and you need a bit of motivation because you’re not sure where to start this book is brilliant for that. The best motivational writing I’ve read so far. Even if you just want to read a book based on the hobby that you love it’s perfect.


This one is a tasty favourite, yes it is chocolate biscuits, when I went on holiday to Majorca recently I bought these biscuits and they are so good, and very addictive, the good thing is they are also cheap so honestly go and treat yourself. They are called Duo Chocolate, it’s a chocolate spread between two plain biscuits, almost like a chocolate biscuit sandwich. I wish I had a picture of these but I think you know why I don’t.

And finally my ultimate favourite part or May, was my holiday Destination, Alcudia. It is such a pretty place, having been to Majorca a lot when I was little girl because of my Abuela, I always used to go to Palma but going to a different part of Majorca felt amazing as usually Palma is like a second home to me but being able to see a new part of the island and actually feeling like I’m on holiday was mesmerising, the view was breath taking, and the weather was gorgeous. I definitely recommend checking out this place if you get the chance.


Thanks for reading and your lovely support and let’s find out what June has to offer.



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