June Favourites

Hello my lovely readers, I’m back with another favourites post. I love doing these posts, it gives me a chance to share with you the things that I have been loving for the month. This month it includes a book I’m currently reading, a Netflix series I watched, and even some bargain clothes and make up and I know everyone loves a bargain. Let me know in the comments what you have been loving recently.

Primark, the dreaded P word to most men who groan at the thought of walking round a huge clothes shop reluctantly holding on to the basket. Well, for us women it’s heaven. Decent clothes at a low price what is there to hate? Apart from how crowded it can get and the thought of a busy shop in hot weather can make anyone queasy, but other than that I do love a look around and maybe buying a few bits. I have been loving Primark’s new summer collection, the clothes in there are nice and bright and pretty. I’ve only recently just got more confident with wearing some other colours apart from black or grey and Primark was the perfect place for me to go and do a shop. I didn’t get a picture of everything I bought but I ended up buying this nice green bodycon dress that I tried on, I did like the stripy one they had in the same style but they didn’t have my size.


I’ve been currently reading a book called The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Brotheridge, it’s a brilliant book for those that suffer with anxiety and includes loads of tips and tricks to conquer that horrible pit of nerves that we get, it also includes some activities in the book that you can try out which are very useful when you’re feeling low. The best thing it’s that it’s a nice calming read, it doesn’t feel like you’re reading a book with a load of medical jargon that we can’t understand it’s almost like your reading a transcript conversation you’ve had with a friend, it’s formal but informal at the same time and I love it and would definitely recommend to anyone.


Another thing I’ve been loving is Asda’s own make up, I bought this Eyebrow cream it was only £3 so I bought it, willing to try it. The next day the time came to do my make up, the application was easy, as it comes with a brush that comes out the top of the lid, which is perfect to take the product on the go with you as it’s small enough to travel with and doesn’t take up too much space your bag. I found that by the end of the day it hadn’t worn off, especially since this heatwave that the UK is currently having I was sweating a lot so I expected the product to wear off but it didn’t. I’m pleasantly surprised especially because of how much it is and would recommend it to anyone, if you’re a beginner with doing your eyebrows I would assure you that this product is easy to apply.


The last thing I’m adding to my favourites for June is a series I watched on Netflix, it’s called Frequency. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I’ll give you a brief explanation, it’s about a detective who has a father who passed away, and she has this old radio which she manages to communicate with him on and help with crimes past and present, that’s all I can say without giving too much away but it is really good and I really enjoyed watching it. 

I wonder what next month will have in store…



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