July Favourites

Hello again! Welcome back to another favourites post. Honestly, how is it August already? This year has gone by so quick! Before we know it we will be preparing for Christmas… Okay let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. How have you all been doing? What have you got up to? Tell me in the comments what you got up to last month let’s all share.

First up believe it or not, the first item I want to share for last months favourites is food, I love my food, but these biscuits are the best I have ever had and I’m a true biscuit lover. They are the M&S Dutch Shortcake biscuits. They are a shortbread dipped in milk chocolate but my god they are amazing especially with a cup of tea. This time I have actually got a picture of the packet so you guys can go and treat yourselves and we can all share this amazing creation together.


My next one is a perfume that I have been loving. Now with perfumes I always stick with what I know because I feel more comfortable, but for some wild reason I decided to try a new one, it is the Versace Red Jeans Perfume and it smells beautiful. It’s almost like a mature scent but still with a sweet kick, I love the uniqueness of it and it goes with any occasion, however it is pricey so I only save it for special occasions as my bank account won’t like me if I used it everyday.


I’ve started a new book, now I’ve only recently just started it so I’m only a few chapters in but it’s already a good read, it is the number one bestseller by Bill Clinton and James Patterson, The President Is Missing. I can’t tell you much about the book already but I’m putting it in my favourites post because only very few books get me gripped like this, and I don’t usually go for political thrillers but this one has got me hooked, I’d recommend it even if it isn’t your cup of tea, it may surprise you. I’m enjoying it that’s for sure.


Save the best till last they say. I love my music that is a known fact, recently I’ve been obsessing over Ed Sheeran’s new album No.6 Collaborations Project. My favourite song on there currently is South of the Border featuring Camilla Cabello and Cardi B, however my favourite changes a few times because all the songs on their are ‘bops’ as the kids now days will say… do they say that? I think I made that up.


What have you been loving this month?



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