Time To Medicate

I’ve noticed that my mental health was slowly getting worse, recently I was feeling more and more anxious and I know there isn’t a cure for it, some days we feel great and others we go backwards. Everyone is different and I understand that but I can’t stress this enough, admitting that you need help isn’t a sign of weakness it is the most courageous thing someone can do, it takes guts to admit that you need help, it’s a sign that we want to get better and be the best version or ourselves, don’t ever think for a second that it is a sign of weakness because it’s not. 

I’ve spoke about hypnotherapy in the past and it relieves my anxiety so much however I’m not fortunate enough to afford it regularly so I made an appointment with the doctor and spoke about my mental wellbeing and he advised me to take some anti-anxiety medication. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, in all honesty I was terrified and I blame society for that, if there wasn’t such a stigma around mental health and medication then I’d be more comfortable with the idea. Obviously I trust my doctors opinion and I agreed so he prescribed me a small dosage of medication for me to take, now having been on that medication for a couple of weeks I wanted to write about it.

So how am I doing? I’m doing better, I am feeling so much better about myself my mood has lifted my anxiety isn’t as intense as it was, and I’m finding that I’m not paranoid about small things and I’m not overthinking all the time and it has been a lifesaver. It has helped with my personal relationships with my family and friends and also my boyfriend as I am happier with myself. All they want is to see me happy. I know that it isn’t a permanent solution I don’t want to rely on the medication to make me happy and I force myself to think that everyday to try and keep myself grounded. However my doctor has referred me to a mental health specialist and given me the tablets is just temporary until I can get an appointment.

I feel this has helped me keep my blogging up more as I recently had a moment where I had no motivation because I was so stressed and down. I want to keep you in the loop on this journey as I want more people to speak about this so that there isn’t as much of a stigma around it anymore.

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