August Favourites

Hello Readers! It’s been a while I know I’ve been busy, here’s a favourites post and a little update all in one so I can tell you all what’s been going on. First up, can we talk about how it’s September already? That has flown by, honestly, blink and you’ve missed it! Soon we’ll be talking about preparations for Christmas… Oops did I say that out loud? Well anyway I’ve been really busy this month so if I’m honest there isn’t a lot to put in this favourites post, as I haven’t ventured out to see what’s new, I’ve been so busy with work, as I now have a little weekend trip to save for in October. My boyfriend and I are going away to Barcelona, I can’t wait, it will be our first trip abroad together and I am so excited. On the other side of things I’ve been all over the place trying to get used to these new anxiety tablets I’m on especially with such a busy work schedule I ended up completely tiring myself out, I know not to put so much strain on myself next time, but hey, we all learn from our mistakes, I have now learnt my limit that’s all.

Well first off I do just want to add this as an August favourite and that’s the online clothes shop, In The Style, I’ve recently been loving their clothes, and they have such a wide variety of styles that suits everyone I’m kind of obsessed which is terrifying for my bank balance. I have bought a dress off of their site which I love I’ll insert a picture so you can see it.


Another favourite now call me crazy but I’m going to include this as a favourite as it has helped me so much recently and that the driving theory test app. I’ve recently booked my driving theory test for the start of October, and to be fair I started to feel a little anxious at the thought of it and thought of every worse case scenario on the planet but I downloaded this app and it has helped me so much I’ve recently done a mock test on there and passed with 100% so it has definitely improved my confidence with it.

Unfortunately there isn’t much else to add in this favourites post as I said before because I’ve been so busy, but I’m currently staying at my dads for a week down in Hampshire, and I look forward to sharing with you all what I got up to, hopefully that post will be up in a couple of weeks. I apologise it’s not much but once I get into a routine again and back on track these posts will get much better.

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