Gone Down South

Hello readers! So I recently took a trip to my dads, I think I’ve mentioned it before but if I haven’t he lives in Hampshire in a town called Gosport. I recently stayed down his for a week, and considering we hadn’t scheduled out everything to do we got a quite a lot done and visited a lot of places, I travelled down to his by train on my own, I admit the first time I did that I was scared to death but if I hadn’t had therapy for my anxiety I wouldn’t know how to control it so it has helped me massively but that’s a different topic, back to my week away…

The time I arrived we had a BBQ at a friends house that evening so I quickly got changed into something warmer and we made our way out the door. A few burgers and garlic sausages later (trust me they are amazing) we was stuffed, we had a drink and lit a fire and sat around it wrapped in blankets and having a good catch up, I don’t get to visit Gosport that often so when I do I make the most of seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while and it was nice to talk and have a laugh. Even if it was slightly chilly, but the fuzzy blanket helped with that along with chucking on my boyfriends hoodie seeing as he wasn’t there with me due to work.

Day 1

The first day we chilled out in the morning as we got back quite late from the BBQ the previous evening, so when on holiday you make the most of a lay in. We decided later on that day to have a walk down to the ferry to go over to Portsmouth and do a bit of shopping, it was a lovely sunny day, and a really nice walk, even if I did spend some money. I bought myself a pair of trousers in Primark that were on sale for £5, I love a good bargain. Speaking of bargains I also got a new pair of jeans from New Look which was in the sale for £11. I also got a pair of shoes from Primark, feeling I don’t have enough flats I added a nude pair to my collection and I also treated myself to a lovely orange blouse, convincing my wardrobe and myself that I will wear something other than black. 



Day 2

Surprise surprise more shopping! We got the ferry over to Portsmouth again today to have a look around the outlet centre they’ve got there, we also booked the cinema that evening so we thought we may as well go earlier, do a bit of shopping and grab dinner before the movie. I managed to grab a couple of tops from Superdry for my boyfriend as a little present, he wasn’t able to come with me this week so I had to get him something. Girlfriend points. We then went to a really nice Italian restaurant, Italian is my favourite so I wasn’t complaining. We shared a lovely bottle of rose between us and ate a lot of food, which I’m glad because cinema food is expensive. We ended up seeing Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark in the cinema and what we thought was going to be a horror ended up being a really funny movie, in other words, my opinion of that movie was a really good comedy but a bad horror.


Day 3

Today was the only day we had actually pre-planned, we went to the Isle Of Wight. We got a ferry to Ryde and walked down the pier if I’m honest it was a bit windy, felt like I was being blown inside out, but hey, we live in the UK what else can we expect from our lovely weather? We walked round Ryde and had a look in the cliche seaside gift shops and a local pub to grab a pint and spot of lunch to which also housed these cute little salt and pepper shakers which when I move out I may steal the idea of. The weather was sunny despite the wind so we walked down the sea front after lunch, and then grabbed an ice cream, as if it couldn’t get any more cliche. I popped into the old sweet shop and got some shortbread and fudge for my family back at home and then we got the ferry back and chilled out at my dads for the rest of the evening, we was exhausted after spending the entire day since 8 in the morning walking around, but it was a really nice day and I did really enjoy it.



Day 4

We decided to take a trip to Arundel Castle today, Arundel is a beautiful little village which is home to the most amazing and picturesque castle ever! I was in awe of it’s beauty, it had the most amazing views once we climbed all the stairs to the top of the keep, after that you got to look around the main part of the castle including the huge main hall, the library which was very extravagant and the bedrooms which if I’m honest I lost count on how many there were. The portrait gallery was so interesting, discovering how many generations of royals lived there, it felt like a fairytale walking through the halls. I would quite happily visit again. Going into the gardens they were so pretty they even had a cat that was chilling on the warm glass of the little greenhouse, he was friendly. Honestly they’re aren’t enough words to describe how beautiful this castle was I would definitely recommend if you ever get the chance to, is to go and visit this castle, you won’t regret it!


Day 5

We had a relaxing morning today after being on our feet all day the previous day, we knew we had to get out of the house and couldn’t chill indoors all day, so we walked into town and I had a look, I even bought a cute little top in the sale in Peacocks and I’m now obsessed with it, trying so hard to get a bit more colour into my wardrobe and I think I’m doing well, later that evening my dads local pub called The White Hart, had a re-opening that night after being closed for refurbishments, so we decided to show our faces and my dad could have a pint and watch the rugby, growing up watching rugby because of my dad I guess I could consider myself a fan now, having gone to Twickenham so many times too, I think I can tick off certified rugby fan off my list. 


Day 6

Today we was meeting up with a close friend of my dads, we don’t get to see him too often so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a drink when he said he was free, we went to the Four Ale Taproom, which is a tiny local pub purely for ale and cider, its a quirky little place and me and my dad love it. We ended up meeting more friends in the evening back at The White Hart for a spot of dinner, can’t beat good old pub food! It was a brilliant night but it wasn’t a late one as we had been out most of the day already.


I had the best time at my dads but now back to normality for a couple of days before going back for the weekend again, as that is another trip, that I like to call Proms In The Park, but don’t you worry there will be a post up about that, telling you about the whole thing.




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