September Favourites & An Update

Hello you lovely lot! It’s been a while I know I’ve been mega busy, I want to chuck in an update along with my September favourites, as always I’ve been on a budget so like the last favourites post I haven’t been able to venture out and try new stuff but however I have two favourites I wanted to tell you about that I have been loving last month.


First up lets talk to you about what I’ve got coming up this month! It’s officially autumn and I love it, hot chocolate and a cosy blanket is all I need right now, which ironically is what I have this very minute while writing this post. So next week I have an appointment with a mental health specialist at my doctors surgery to speak about where I’m at with my medication, and what they can do to help me further and for the first time I’m actually not nervous for it, in fact I feel kind of relieved, as if a weight has lifted of my shoulders, I will make sure to let you know how I got on with that. I have also got a very exciting weekend coming up, I’m going to Barcelona with my boyfriend and I can’t wait to get away and escape from reality for short while. I am also planning to post a very cool Halloween post, maybe some outfit ideas and some Halloween looks I’ve done in the past. Wait and see guys, this month is going to be exciting!

Now like I said I only have two favourites for September, one is music and one is food related so if that doesn’t sum me up perfectly I don’t know what will. I wanted to add Post Malone’s new Album on my favourites because I have been listening to it non-stop. It is so diverse, they’re are some incredible artists featured on it and I love how the songs are so personal to him yet so many people can relate in their own way, it’s got to be one of my favourite albums of 2019 so far. Now this will be a quick one but another favourite of mine is definitely my favourite sweets ever, Randoms, I am obsessed, and they have now come out with different versions of them and don’t you worry I plan to try all of them!

Another thing real quick… Candy floss gin has changed my life and I’m now a fully converted gin drinker, just with lemonade rather than tonic. I’m still not a tonic girl.


Just another thing before I go, I recently watched The Joker movie and I will be posting a review of it, I don’t usually do movie review posts but this film hit me in a way I didn’t expect and I can’t not talk about it, but that will be going in a separate post, see you all very soon! Tell me what you’ve been loving from last month.


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