The Joker

Hello everyone, as I said in my September Favourites post, I wanted to post a movie review of The Joker, I don’t usually do movie reviews and I’ll be honest this won’t be really in depth about the movie itself as to avoid spoilers, but it’s more of me explaining my reaction to watching it.

Most of us are aware of the character The Joker, this movie is a backstory to how he became The Joker, it’s a dark one but what did you expect? the protagonist is a villain after all. I admit it’s a hard hitting movie for anyone that suffers with a mental health illness, it shows the downward spiral someone can go down when no one is there to help, for The Joker it was one problem after another for the character and after each hit, the further down he went and it shows how much of a terrifying impact that having no help can have on someone, obviously this is portraying the downward spiral to an extreme where he ends up being a murderer but it’s a very clever hard hitting way of almost getting the audience to feel different emotions for The Joker that not a lot of people would have felt before.

I didn’t realise that this movie had got to me until later when I found myself relating to a lot of what The Joker went through, with the bullying triggering the start of his mental illness. It made me think back to a similar time in my life that a part of me wanted to forget.

I feel this does raise an awareness for Mental Health, in a different way that not a lot of people have seen before, I still don’t know how I feel about the movie but if we are talking about the effort put into it then I’d rate it a solid 10/10. It’s a dark movie but a very good one at that.

Watch out for my next posts which will contain some cool Halloween ideas and my trip to Barcelona!


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