Into The Unknown

Into the unknown…

No, that’s not a Frozen 2 reference, the past week I have delved quite literally into the unknown, I have experienced a confidence I didn’t know I had, and there’s more to come. Thanks to my new job I have been able to gain new skills, and meet new people. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared because who isn’t when starting something new? But I’ll be honest, I think it’s a step in the right direction. Everyone I’ve met is so supportive and kind. Having anxiety and working at the same time can put an incredible amount of pressure on someone, I was so scared of letting people down when I was having a bad day and put my job before my health and it shouldn’t have been like that. Now, I don’t feel that pressure and it has helped so much.

Sitting in a pub during a quick break at work and having the tastiest hot chocolate was definitely a highlight of mine, even though I was so cold I couldn’t feel my toes and could probably compete with Rudolph on the red nose front. Sat by the fire in the pub, I soon warmed up, but it also made me reflect on how much I love winter… sounds crazy I know, I really don’t do well in the cold weather, I have to wrap up so much I end up looking like The Michelin Man. But its walking round and seeing the houses decked up in fairy lights and the Christmas trees in windows as you go by. It gives you a warm feeling amongst all the freezing temperatures.

I’m excited to see where I can go with this new step in life, it’s already looking really positive!

Keep your eyes peeled for a November Favourites post next week…



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