Hello 2020!

Hello, I know it’s been a minute hasn’t it? Well I’m back! Happy new year everyone! It’s 2020 and do you know what that means? It’s the year for Blogger Beth, yes, watch this blog smash it this year! I’ve got two major goals I want to hit this year, one being my driving, I want to start lessons I have my theory test next month I’ve already done one and unfortunately failed however it’s a new year that’s in the past! Another is my writing, I want this blog to go places, I’m talking travel posts, I’m talking product reviews because I love it when I read a review on a product that is honest, I want to post more about mental health because it’s so damn important to talk about!

I know I’ve been absent for about a month but during the transition of my new job and my mental health feeling like it was on a rollercoaster, I think a break is what I needed, but it also made me forget how much I loved blogging, writing this post now really does help me escape from reality for a bit and allows me to go into my own little world. I’m back on track now, I honestly feel so much better, yes I know I’m not completely over the bumps in the road but I’m human I’m sure we’ve all felt like it at one point.

Well now I can tell you about how my Christmas went, I honestly had a great time, making the most of time with my family. Honestly I spent the whole week leading up to Christmas looking forward to Christmas dinner! The one my dad cooks is incredible, my favourite part has to be either the pigs in blankets or a roast potato! Tell me yours! We opened up some presents I was lucky enough to get an iPad for Christmas as it will definitely help me with my new job, and I also got some lovely perfume!

New Year’s Eve came and I went out with my friends, we celebrated with a drink, and I quietly raised a glass to people who unfortunately could not celebrate the start of 2020 with me. I had a good start to the new year though, my best friend got engaged and I’m going to be a bridesmaid, honestly I’m so excited for this year it’s going to be so much fun.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year to you all!


* photo used from Unsplash credit to original owner *


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