You’re A Wizard Harry!

Welcome to Hogwarts! Holy Hufflepuff I went to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, yes it was incredible! This post is going to be full of Butterbeer, wands, cloaks, and earwax flavoured jellybeans. I’m currently sat writing this post drinking tea out of my Slytherin mug. Slytherin represent! I’ve waited years for my letter to Hogwarts and at the age of 23 I think I need to accept the fact that my letter got lost, but I still managed to go and visit the magical place where it all started. 


Walking into the studios the first thing you see is a dragon hanging from the ceiling and it was huge! I’m not kidding, it really does make you feel that you’ve stepped into another land. You get to go behind the scenes and find out all the secrets as to how they made it all look so magical. You have moments where you walk around and all of a sudden realise that this where the stars grew up, they spent so much of their lives in these studios making the books come to life and I bet we can all agree that they did a fantastic job.


The Forbidden Forest will always be my favourite, when you enter there is fog coating the floor, which really adds to the atmosphere and you get introduced to the magical creatures that live in the forest as you make your way through. Obviously Buckbeak is my favourite but who doesn’t love Buckbeak? 


They served Butterbeer, which is a very sweet drink, I personally like the taste of it. They also had, the sweets that everyone is familiar with like, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Chocolate Frogs and they also served muggle food like hot dogs and chips! So there is something for everyone.

There is so many secrets that you get to find out, you get to go behind the scenes on everything, and I was amazed at how realistic the wigs look as well as all the prosthetics that they used on the actors, it was really interesting, you had tiny models of scenes to show the design process behind it, and the attention to detail is astonishing, like all the potion labels for example!


I would happily go back again, I honestly go to another world when I visit and as a big fan of the franchise it is so amazing to see everything all up close and personal!



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