My Evening Of Self Care

Recently I had one of those moments where I sat down and just stared at the four walls around me and wondered why I felt down, there was no reason that day for me to be upset, I had a good day, I got my nails done, met up with friends but evening came and I had this feeling wash over me and I honestly didn’t know why.

So, I chose to have an evening of self care, it was either that or continue to do nothing and let the feeling of unknown dread get worse. The first option sounded better. So I want to share with you what I done that evening, you never know it might help someone if they end up feeling the same.


first and foremost I ran a bath, now that is undoubtedly the easiest feel better cure for anything, in my eyes anyway. I used a simple supermarket own branded bubble bath which smelt amazing and created enough bubbles to last until the end of time!

I made sure to put on my cosiest pyjamas and put on some episodes of Glee on Netflix. and treated myself to a chocolate bar. I also done that thing where you go onto expensive clothing stores online and fill up your basket with dreamy items only to find that winning the lottery would help massively in paying for it all but it’s a good distraction for me anyway.

Lastly and probably the most British thing on my blog, but it always cheers me up, a simple cup of tea. honestly you can’t beat it.


I will never know why I have those moments of feeling down and not knowing why but I’m human and that’s just the way the mind works, it plays games with you but that doesn’t mean you let it win, play the game and beat it! it feels great trust me.


* Images used from Unsplash credit to original owners *


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