My Morning Routine

Hello you wonderful bunch, I’ve wanted for a while to share my morning routine, I’ve always wanted to write a blog post like this because usually with my blog posts I go on a ramble about what goes on in my head and have no organisation to it whatsoever. I’ll be honest with you my morning routine is nothing extravagant. Don’t worry I’ll be back to my rambling self soon, let’s give this a go.

I’d be lying to you if I said that I get up straight away on a Saturday morning the minute my eyes open, that would be a miracle. I usually lay there for a bit flicking through the channels on the TV and then checking Instagram, as I’ve been loving scrolling through it recently and discovering new bloggers. Feel free to comment your Instagram handle below and I’ll check it out I love discovering new budding bloggers.

Once I have pried myself out of bed, usually on a Saturday I go into the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea because, as I’ve said many times before, a cup of tea is the solution to all of life’s problems. My breakfast habits change sometimes I’m really healthy when it comes to eating breakfast and I’ll have some porridge with fruit but then I could go full blown fry up too, so it could go either way.

This is the part of the morning where I realise that I should really jump in the shower, and I’m obsessed with the Dove body wash, I can’t tell you my favourite scent because it changes all the time but I’m currently using the shea butter and vanilla scent. Washing my hair I love fruity scents, So literally anything that smells sweet and fruity I love it, although I have recently dyed my hair to a dark blue/black colour and should really start using the colour protect shampoos and conditioners.


Then comes the part where I chuck on jeans and a top in the hopes that it looks alright, if I have a full day planned for the weekend then I would make more of an effort in what I wear. I always look up to these fashion blogs and love what they wear and then I try similar pieces on in stores and I just don’t pull it off as well as they do maybe it’s a confidence thing but jeans, a top and my Vans are my comfy go to.

My make up is pretty basic, I never want to go full out on my make up I prefer the natural look, due to my dry skin I struggle with foundations so I use a bb cream instead and it works like a dream. If I’m feeling extra fabulous that day I’ll go and do a flick with the eyeliner but I can guarantee you a solid 90% chance of me messing it up. when it comes to my hair I don’t do anything special to it, I blow dry in straighten it, if I’ve got enough time I will attempt to curl it. I am a lover of a headband as well, it helps when you’re having a bad hair day, it gives the look that you’ve done a lot with your hair when you really haven’t.


I know my morning routine isn’t amazing but like I mentioned I’ve always wanted to write a blog post like this to get some practice so I can improve my writing.



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