Things I’ve been loving

So lockdown has given me an opportunity to try things I haven’t yet, or start books I never had the time to read, cook new recipes which I’ve succeeded and failed at (life is about learning…) I’ve definitely snacked too much and watched so much Netflix and Disney that I’ve run out of new things to watch now.

Like many of us, lockdown has given me the opportunity to quit putting make up on everyday and given me the chance to revive my skin, at first I struggled and it was spot central but given the fact that I’m stuck indoors I didn’t expect it to be great straight away, however for years my nan has swore by the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Smooth Lotion, I have incredibly dry skin and what I had at home just didn’t seem to work for me anymore, once my nan got the hang of Skype she told me to try it and if its worked for her over the years then I’m going to trust her opinion and give it a go, its been two weeks now of using it everyday and I’m not lying when I say it has worked wonders for my skin, I can’t say much for the dark circles under my eyes, no matter what I do they are still there, however my dry skin isn’t as bad as it was, it’s been amazing. Nan really does know best.


I’m a fan of my crime novels I can’t lie but I’m also a Disney fan and I saw these books by Liz Braswell and she writes Disney books but from the perspective of the villain. The one I’m currently reading is Part Of Your World, it’s about what it would be like if Ariel had lost to Ursula and it’s so fascinating reading it in a different way, there are a few other books I managed to grab hold of, including the stories of Peter Pan, Snow White and Beauty And The Beast. I’m a child at heart, I can’t seem to shake the Disney out of me.


I mentioned that I was doing a course in writing, I couldn’t write this post without including it as this is something I have really loved doing recently, I’ve currently passed two modules in the course with a pass mark of 100% I’m super proud of myself, there’s still 11 more modules to complete. The fact that it covers so many different genres of writing is interesting to me. I will definitely update about the course, but I recommend it to anyone who loves writing and maybe some extra curricular learning. For me it has been really good with keeping me distracted on days where I have nothing to do.

What have you been loving recently?



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