Social Media Pressure

Perfect homes, dream wardrobe, endless money, amazing car and a collection of shoes to make Kylie Jenner jealous, then there’s me holding onto the last hair tie on my wrist like my life depends on it. How is it social media manages to make me feel so much pressure when I know that what I see is so unrealistic and not even true?

Recently I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure to try and be like the other girls I see on Instagram, yet I know I shouldn’t, I’ve always tried to tell myself to never compare myself to others and recently I feel like I’ve got more time to spend on my phone and I find that I’m constantly doing the thing I’ve told myself not to do.

Is anyone else feeling the same recently? My main social media that I use for my blogging is Instagram, and I know most of it has the most unrealistic expectations but because of that I end up overthinking everything. Am I doing enough? Is my hair OK? Is my feed aesthetically pleasing? Am I active enough online?

I need to stop, slow down, and go at my own pace. That’s the most important thing, I’m always up for giving other people advice, maybe I should start taking my own.

A short post this week, I know, but I needed to get it off my chest, not as much of a rant, it’s more therapy for me.


3 thoughts on “Social Media Pressure”

  1. I think a good thing to remember is that social media doesn’t tell the full picture of peoples lives! People only post the good things but the reality could be so much different! So comparion via social media can be misleading

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