Budgeting Tips

Since the start of lockdown I have realised more than ever that I need to budget more. and I have managed to teach myself the best ways to do that and what works for me. Please feel free to comment below what budgeting tips help you out.


Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Do I really need it?

  • This one has helped me the most, when doing the most basic thing, like shopping in the supermarket for essentials I would go past unnecessary things that I want but don’t need. Before lockdown I never really asked myself this question and now I am definitely going to do it more. I have saved so much money. I am obsessed with candles and wax melts, I have plenty at home, I saw some in the supermarket and went to pick one up when I asked myself the question; Do I really need it? I then decided against it and put it back because I didn’t I have loads already why do I need to buy more? It’s the little things like that, that can help you put a little bit of money back in your pocket.

Treating yourself

  • Treating yourself when budgeting can be hard but it doesn’t mean you have to stop treating yourself all together, I had an example of this recently. I’ve struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans and finally managed to find myself some, I only had one pair in a light denim colour and knew I wanted more, but that was something when budgeting I told myself I couldn’t afford. I still could you need to weigh out the pros and cons, cons, it’s money you want to save, I completely understood that, pros, they are going to last and that’s what helped me decide to treat myself, I now have the same jeans in two different colours and it’s perfect for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe for the next few years.

Putting money aside

  • I’m not talking about putting £50 into your savings when budgeting that’s not realistic, My bank account has this feature where it rounds up what I spend to the nearest pound and whatever the difference is it puts it into my savings account, and in the end you’ll find that it all adds up. A perfect way to save on a budget, I also do this with loose change I find in my purse, I put it in a money box and leave it and then come back to it a year later and I’ll have a bit of money there to use on whatever I want.

Do you have any budgeting tips that can help? Have I missed out any? let’s discuss it and we’ll be saving that coin in no time!


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