A New Year A New Habit

I used to love the idea of New Years resolutions but over time I just never ended up completing them and felt disappointed in myself when I failed. I can’t remember if I made any New Years resolutions to complete this year, but I’m not going to search for any in case I haven’t managed to do any of them. So this year it’s different, there is no new year new me, none of that nonsense I like me the way I am so what’s the point of creating a new me? I want to do one thing differently about myself that won’t change me but will help me instead and it’s something that I know I won’t be pressured into completing, it’s something that I can do in my own time.

I have a bad habit of putting myself down, I am the worst for doing it, I put a nice dress on and I make sure I point out the things I don’t like about it, I do my make up and hate the way I look and wipe it all off, I eat a decent meal and then sit there and criticise my food belly, I look in the mirror and no matter how much I get told “that outfit suits you so much” All I can see is the parts that I hate. And I’m putting a stop to that this year! This is not a case of learning to love myself because I said previously that takes time, this is just something that will help me along that journey.

I feel like getting into a habit of stopping me from bullying myself is a step that I need to take in the journey of self confidence, which has been a long journey for me.

Heres to a new year of positivity no matter what 2021 has planned.


4 thoughts on “A New Year A New Habit”

  1. Learning to be less self critical is so important, and a much better plan to stick to than any off these new years resolutions. While I don’t think anyone achieved what they intended in 2020 because of circumstances beyond our control.

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  2. I don’t normally get behind New Year’s resolutions, but I think you picked a great one. So many times we make unrealistic resolutions and let ourselves down when habits don’t stick or the outcomes aren’t attainable. Instead I think you’re really working toward showing yourself grace and acceptance. It’s a perfect solution when we live in such a difficult world!

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    1. There is so much pressure to be ‘perfect’ lately when I’m my eyes perfect doesn’t really exist, I feel it’s healthy to have a mindset like that and accept yourself for who you are and embrace it. Thank you for reading!


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