How To Get Back Into A Routine

Hello lovelies! it’s me again, I’ve been feeling a lot better since last time I posted, since I’ve been in isolation I’ve got myself into a rut of no motivation, I seem to have lost my daily routine as all the days combined into one and I lost track of what time it was. I was bored, yes I had work to do but there was only so much work I could do from home so I had time to spare with nothing to fill it with, I was fed up of doing the same activities so I wanted to share what I have done to prep myself for going back to work, and how to find that routine again and get my body used to it!

Set an alarm

I have always enjoyed a routine, it gives my brain something to accomplish that day if I have no goals to complete. The first thing I do when getting myself back into a routine is set an alarm for the morning, I struggle with getting up in the morning, especially when the mornings are dark as it just makes me want to sleep in and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Setting an alarm and getting up at that chosen time every morning helps your body in getting used to that part of the routine again.

Have a bed time

What I mean by this is have a curfew to go to bed at, when I was isolating I was staying up till ungodly hours because I just didn’t want to go to bed, I’d be scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, reading blogs on WordPress, and it would keep my up, now I put my phone away  after a certain time in the evening and go to bed and either read a book or just lay down and close my eyes, having that time to sleep of a night also makes it easier to get up in the morning because then your body would’ve had the rest it needs to get going.

Working from home

One thing that helped the boredom was that I was still working from home however I was not able to access all of my work at home so I had to do coursework most of the time, I broke it up into segments throughout the day as I wasn’t feeling too well, (wear a mask and sanitise people, you really don’t want to feel like the way I did, it’s awful!) Doing my coursework really helped in keeping me occupied throughout the day, if you don’t work from home then I recommend working on your blog instead, it’s still a form of being productive so it would help you in the same way.


Now this may sound silly because even in lockdown I’d still have a bath or a shower but I would be lazy at it and do it either in the evening or halfway through the day once I finally found some motivation, but showering or having a bath depending what you have at home, first thing in the morning seriously helps you wake up and get ready for the day, even if it means putting a clean pair of pyjamas on afterwards you’re still dressed in my opinion so it counts, but my god does it make you feel 10 times better.

Get moving

Now obviously I wasn’t allowed to leave the house so I couldn’t go out for a walk or anything, but if you can make the most of it, it’s so important to get moving! At home I would either do some small exercises or I would clean, and get some chores done as it gets my body moving and gives my body a break from sitting on the sofa all day which has now perfectly moulded to my body shape… let’s not talk about it.

All in all, I know first hand how hard it is to get back into a routine, but if you manage to complete at least two of these steps you’re well on your way to thriving again! It’s okay to take a day off now and again I’m not saying it isn’t, but I find that it’s not a good habit to do that everyday, make sure you prep yourself before you start work/school/college again it makes it easier rather than having to dive straight into the deep end.

What things help you get back into a routine?


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