January Favourites

Hello lovelies, I tried to start a series like this every month last year, but it didn’t happen. So I wanted write this as I actually do have a few things that I have loved this month, despite catching coronavirus, that wasn’t that great but I am all good now. I can’t even believe that it’s nearly the end of January already. Here we go, here is what I have been loving…

The Magpie Society

This book is incredible I finished it at the start of this month so hopefully it still counts as a favourite in January, I’m not going to give a proper review as I wouldn’t know the first thing about writing a good book review but all I’m going to say is if you love a young adult mystery/crime novel, then this book is for you. I cannot recommend it enough and I’m excited for the second book in the series that’s all I’m going to say.



I got some AirPods for my birthday present last month, and I have been using them non stop! I have got so much use out fo these already and the charge lasts for so long, the sound quality is brilliant and they are perfect for anyone who loves a pair of wireless earphones, no more of the irritating wire which drove me nuts!


Of course this had to be in the favourites post, I treated myself to some loungewear from Missguided and the most comfiest set of pyjamas ever! I have been living in slouchy t-shirts and my boyfriends hoodies, you just can’t beat the cosiness. What has been your favourite thing to wear in lockdown?


My new job

I started my job at the start of December last year, but due to the craziness of that month I never had a chance to sit back and actually settle in, but now it has calmed down a bit I’ve had a chance to truly settle in and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I finally found something I enjoy, I am currently doing an apprenticeship at the moment so it’s even better considering I get a qualification at the end of it, and fingers crossed a permanent job role too.

I can’t wait to see what next month has to offer, positive vibes only please!! Would you like this to be a regular thing every month? let me know in the comments!


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