Writer’s Block And What To Do

Hello lovelies! In my previous post I mentioned that I had a bit of writer’s block and I wasn’t coming up with any original ideas but then it hit me, let me write a post about it (I know, ironic right?) I wanted to write down some ideas I feel would help with writer’s block.


Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash


I love Pinterest, I could spend hours scrolling through it and saving different pins for inspiration for various things. But I find that my best blogging ideas come from scrolling through Pinterest, One minute I could be looking at inspiration for outfits or hair and then an idea pops into head about a blog post on styling jeans or different ways to wear a ponytail. Honestly it’s brilliant.


Open up. I know some people don’t like being too open and that’s okay, but this one is perfect for those of you that like to let your feelings out, you don’t have to make it make sense just open up a draft post and start typing you can come back to it later and make it blog post worthy, but at the time it is a great starter for a post, and also you may help someone else who is feeling the same way and wants to feel comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone.


Now I need to understand more about this because I still don’t know enough about it to do this properly but I’m sure that writing about what you want to manifest, what you desire, what you want to achieve is a great blog post, I personally love reading posts like that.


There is nothing wrong in asking your readers what they want to read, the best way to get ideas is to ask them, they may want some advice on a particular topic that you would be able to help them with.

Taking some time away doesn’t hurt maybe you need to go back to your blog with a clear mindset. Your readers will understand, a break is healthy and can sometimes be better because then you are not writing something that is forced.

What other methods help you with writer’s block?


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