The Depo-Provera Injection

Hello Lovelies! It’s a bit of a different post today, but I wanted to share this particular topic with you as I find reading these sorts of posts can be so helpful for those who are looking to find more information regarding a particular type of contraception. Before I start I just want to establish that I am in no way a health professional I am just talking about my experience being on the Depo injection, and remember that everyone is different so you may not have the exact same experience as me.

I’ve have tried for years and years to find the perfect way to ease my periods, if you are anything like me it’s just an awful time, sometimes mine wouldn’t stop and it would go on for a month straight, I have tried every pill that I possibly could that I was comfortable with trying and none of them worked, and if they did, then it wouldn’t last.

I done my research on the Depo-Provera injection and read reviews online as well as talking to family and I finally wanted to try it out, my periods were so bad and so painful that I would do anything to stop it. I spoke to the nurse at my GP surgery and she agreed as well as informing me about what may happen whilst being on the injection, for example gaining weight, periods stopping, irregular bleeding, etc.

I get the injection every 3 months and on the first month and obviously the first injection wasn’t going to solve everything straight away I was pretty irregular for the first couple of injections which I was disappointed about but my stomach cramps weren’t as half as painful as they were so that made up for it a bit. By the third injection my body started to get used to it I wasn’t as irregular I was spotting as some may call it, but I felt some more painful cramps, and now on my fourth, I have stopped completely which is great news for me! However the downside is the stomach cramps are still there but they don’t happen as often so yes it’s painful however it has solved the period problem for me which is one box ticked.

Have you ever had the Depo-Provera injection? What is your experience?


3 thoughts on “The Depo-Provera Injection”

  1. I was on it once and gained 10lbs in a month, so I ended up discontinuing it. I didn’t like how weight gain was a major side effect from getting the shot. After I have my baby in May, my husband suggested that I go back on the shot and I’m definitely considering it. I’m willing to give it another shot (pun intended).

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      1. There’s pros and cons to both. I can’t take the combined pill because I’m high risk for stroke. And the progesterone only pill makes me gain weight like the shot does. I agree that the shot is easier!

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