NARS Foundation Review

Hello Lovelies! It’s a post about make up this week, I won’t lie I’m not the best at make up, I usually stick to drugstore branded make up as I most of the time I have a budget to stick to. So this is my first purchase of a high end make up product, before I go into it I just want to establish that this post has no affiliation with NARS, and it is not sponsored (I wish!)

I bought the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.

I have dry skin so trying to find a drugstore foundation that worked was difficult as I found that pretty much all of the ones I tried out clung to my dry patches like mad, but when I tried the NARS foundation I didn’t find that, however I did find that after about 9-10 hours of wear it did start to get slightly patchy but 9-10 hours of wear for me is pretty good going seeing as I barely wear make up for that long anyway, for other people though I’m not sure. I use a sponge to blende as I find that has the nicest finish to it, I’m not used to using a brush for foundation anyway, I mostly use a sponge if I’m honest. When I tell this foundation is worth the money, I mean it! it feels so nice when you are putting it on your skin.

What is your go to foundation?


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