I Need To Share This App With You!

Hello lovelies, usually when I talk about mental health on my blog it’s usually about my personal experience and journey with anxiety, however this time I want to share with you the most perfect app that I have discovered recently called Mindshift CBT. I have no affiliation with this app whatsoever, I just really love it!

If I could remember how I first came across this app I would tell you but unfortunately for the life of me I cannot work out where I first saw it but I instantly searched in the App Store and downloaded it. This app is perfect for anyone suffering with mental health issues, and the best part of it all, it is absolutely free, no restrictive content that you have to buy to get access to the whole app is free!

It’s almost like an interactive wellness journal, you are able to put into the app how you feel and it has several activities that you can take part in to help see your anxiety from a different point of view. It has plenty of different exercises on there too, to help through a moment of panic. I cannot recommend this app enough to anyone who may not want to speak to someone face to face about certain things this is another method that is available to help you.

I know it’s a short one but I did want to share this with anyone who hasn’t heard of this app before!

What apps do you use to help with your mental health?



4 thoughts on “I Need To Share This App With You!”

  1. Thanks for sharing about this app. I will definitely try it out. I been using the Dare app and recently started using the Calm app. Both are really good too. 😆


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