I’m Back! Life Update

Hello lovelies! It has been a while hasn’t it? I just needed some time away from writing posts, I had the biggest writers block ever and if I’m honest it made me lose my love for writing. I wasn’t sure if I was going to come back, I’m a hobby blogger, this isn’t my job I do this because it is a hobby but I started to feel obligated to post regularly and consistently because if I didn’t do that I would feel like I had failed and I shouldn’t feel like that.

I’m going to come back to this blog with no feeling of obligation and find my love for it again no I won’t be posting regularly, I will post when I want to because putting myself under unnecessary pressure is no good for my mental health.

Over my break from writing blog posts I have been a lot more active over on Instagram. I have also started creating little quote pictures on Canva and posting them on my account, I really enjoy doing that, who knows it could be a nice small business in the future if I want to do that.

What is new with me? That is a question where I feel like after being away for so long that I should have a really interesting answer but alas I do not. Sorry to disappoint. Something I can mention is how my mental health has been now that some of the restrictions have eased over here in the UK. I genuinely thought I would be terrified of lockdown lifting and ‘normal life’ (whatever that is) resuming, but in fact I’ve been quite the opposite. Being able to see friends and family again has really done my mental health the world of good.

I look forward to a fresh start and finding my love for blogging again.



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