What Has My Anxiety Taught Me?

Hello Lovelies! I believe that my anxiety has taught me lots of things. I’ve had anxiety since I was a teenager, I’m now 24, I’ve grown up with a slightly rocky journey with anxiety, one minute I think that I can handle it the next minute I feel completely out of control.

One of the important lessons that anxiety has taught me is that the paranoia and worst case scenario thoughts are all in my head, it’s my mind telling my anxiety what it wants to hear.

Another thing that my anxiety had taught me is that going on medication isn’t a bad thing, admitting that you need help is the most courageous thing that anybody could do. It makes you take a frightening step in your journey but one that could quite possibly change your life. However it is also important to remember that sometimes medication isn’t always the answer for everybody and in the end I realised it wasn’t the answer for me.

Don’t overthink! It’s another mind game, another trick. Your mind wants you to think that everybody hates you and the entire world is against you. But it’s not true.

You’re loved and your anxiety does not define you!



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