Me, Myself & My Anxiety

Hello lovelies! I wanted to share an update about my mental health, I’m happy to write blog posts about self care tips or understanding your mental health needs but I wanted to chat about my mental health. Everyone’s journey with mental health is different and mine has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I’ve been doing really well with my anxiety recently, I’ve had fewer down days and have even been working on loving myself more. I can’t explain how much that boosts my mood. However when the down days hit, they hit hard! Having a down day is completely normal, yes it drains you completely, getting out of bed seems like the hardest thing to do on the planet and you just cant seem to shake off the funk.

I’ve found something that works for me and it may seem strange but I like to embrace the down days, let out all the emotions and have a good cry, even if you don’t know why you’re crying. I find that when I let it all out I feel so much better afterwards than when I try to bottle it up and ignore it all.

Overthinking is probably my worst habit. Your mind goes straight to the worst case scenario and you are so fixed to that idea playing out that you can’t seem to think of any realistic situation. This is something that is more of a regular occurrence for me now, and it can get very frustrating. I’m still learning how to cope but that’s what mental health ends up being, one massive learning curve.

Mental health needs to be a normal subject to talk about, there is no need for there to be any sort of shame when it is mentioned, it’s so common so lets ditch the stigma surrounding it and support each other.



3 thoughts on “Me, Myself & My Anxiety”

  1. Oh yeah, I definitely can relate to overthinking, and I ruminate on the stupidest stuff sometimes. Then I look back at the previous hour and wonder just why the heck I’ve been spending all my time thinking about that. Anyway, thanks for this post and wishing you all the best with your journey!

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