A City Girl At Heart

Hello lovelies! It’s been a minute hasn’t it? I’ve had the most incredible few days away in London with my boyfriend (Lewis) and I wanted to share with you all what I got up to. City breaks are my favourite getaways, I’m a true city girl at heart, I feel right at home the moment I step foot in the city, I feed off of the busy energy that the city provides and it makes me feel so motivated. I know the city life isn’t for everyone, my boyfriend being one of them however even he enjoyed the few days that we spent together in London. We got to be typical tourists and do the things that we don’t usually do when we go to London!

We arrived at our hotel on the Thursday, I would share a picture of the room but the room we stayed in didn’t look like the picture that we saw online, it wasn’t a disappointment it was still a nice room but just a lot smaller than we had thought, anyway I digress, Thursday night we went out into Leicester Square and found a cute little restaurant called Spaghetti House, and it was an incredible meal, one of the tastiest Bolognese’s I have ever had, I’m not kidding!

After dinner we decided to go out exploring despite being shocked by the price of a spiced rum and coke we still had a great night and I feel that having a couple of drinks in a pub was the perfect way to celebrate our first night in London

Friday Arrived, despite a slight headache from the alcohol consumed the night before (drink responsibly kids) I felt fine, Friday we had scheduled The London Dungeons, and I was looking forward to it up until the moment that we were queuing up to go in and then the nerves hit. I have never clung to Lewis so much in my entire life. The actors were incredible, the worst part is when they don’t say nothing and just stare at you and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After The London Dungeons we had the afternoon and decided to explore Oxford Street and look at the shops that provided very nice looking things that were WAY out of our price range, but still nice to pretend that for a split second we could afford them. I did however manage to find some nice new black boots from Zara, and I was very pleased with my purchase, they literally go with everything and are perfect to wear when going out of an evening when it’s a tad chilly.

That night we decided to have a fancy dinner date night and we booked a table at Bella Italia, we both decided to go for something new and try things on the menu that we never would usually order. I had the most incredible mushroom starter that went beautifully with the cocktail that I had ordered and for my main I had duck ragu, and it was DIVINE! I also feel like Lewis deserved bonus points for sharing a bottle of wine with me considering he’s not usually a wine drinker.

Saturday was here and I definitely wasn’t prepared for how busy it was on a Saturday in London, that day we put aside for a shopping day with a bar crawl in the evening to celebrate the last night of our staycation. We decided that Camden Market was the choice for shopping that morning, Lewis has been before and said that I would love it, I didn’t know what to expect as I had never been before, but it was so pretty and all the talented people that hand make their own items and sell them, I managed to find a really pretty dress that I knew I needed for the drinks we were planning to have that night, as well as getting myself a new handbag.

Drinks that evening consisted of exploring a few of the cocktail bars, and my favourite was this Japanese one that we came across, the bartender made me up a custom cocktail that wasn’t on the menu and it tasted delicious, it was nice to go to a cocktail bar and not have your typical cocktail I will leave a picture of the menu below.

I definitely will be coming to London for a few days again once my bank account has recovered from this trip haha! But I think next time we will decide to stay more central as we found that we spent most of our time in central anyway so it would save us doing the amount of tube journeys we did this time. What places would you recommend that we visit in London on our next trip?



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