4 Activities To Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Hello! As excited as I am for Autumn and Winter, colder nights, pumpkin spice lattes and gingerbread hot chocolates ther is something that affects me every single year with the weather changes and the darker days and that is my mental health. I’ve only found out recenlty that it is actually a real thing that happens to so many other people, it is called seasonal affective disorder, sometimes can also be known as winter depression. Motivation lacks, energy drains and moods can swing like a freaking monkey in a tree. I’ve suffered with this every year and I wanted to share some tips on how I cope with the changes in my mental health at this time of year and what I do to make myself feel better.

First things first, my number one tip when it comes to feeling low, and as a true Brit it involves a cup of tea, or hot chocolate if you’re not a tea fan, I swear by this, that cup of magical goodness can instantly perk me up, it could possibly be the caffeine but I do notice that especially during the colder months it makes me feel all cosy and snuggly. Comsidering that it’s cold anyway a hot drink sounds like a fabulous idea.

Who here is a movie fan? I know I am, especially during Autumn and Winter, one thing that can help lift my mood during this time of year are Halloween and Christmas movies, they really do help. I know we’re way past halloween now but quite frankly anything Tim Burton has his name to is a comfort movie of mine so I will watch it at any time of the year.

This one is particularly for around Christmas time but one thing that does fill me with joy is driving around and seeing all the Christmas lights that people have displayed, go and spend time with a loved one and explore your local area and maybe even find some inspiration on how to decorate your home for Christmas

The last thing I would reccomend if you are struggling with your mental health during the colder months is to go and speak to your doctor, it may seem scary taking that step but ultimately the decision is up to you, your doctor will give you advice on what they think will help you but you make the decision if you want to go through with it, there is no harm in simply asking for a bit of advice and no shame in it either! I cannot stress that enough!

Seasonal affecticve disorder is something that I have only just found out about recently, but there are ways to overcome it, just remember that you are not alone and this is more common than you may think. Have you got any tips on overcoming SAD? Tell me in the comments below, let’s discuss!


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