Chapter 25

25 years young, a quater of a century! Damn that’s something else, I’m officially in my mid 20’s and I still feel like I’ve accomplished nothing is that normal? Yes it is because we don’t accept the social norm of having your life together as soon as you reach adulthood.

So how do we write out the beginning of chapter 25? First things first on my list is to ace my apprenticeship, I know what I want in my life, does that sound crazy? Growing up I never really was one to have a dream job or my life planned out, I still don’t I’m far from having my life planned out. So far I feel like I’ve just succumbed to living life in a numb routine, and I definitely know by now that, that is not me in the slightest, knowing that I finally have a mind set of something I’m passionate about working towards there is a new meaning, sounds cheesey I know. I just have to work hard, it won’t all happen overnight.

Now that I’ve got all of the cringe things that I wanted to say out of the way, here are some pictures with me, and my family on my birthday, I had the best weekend ever, we had a nice meal out and then a few drinks with friends. I wore the most comfortable dress ever it was from ASOS and I managed to grab it on an incredible Black Friday deal!

Me with my nan and grandad.
Me and my mumma ❤
My dad and I.
Me and my better half.

All in all I had the best birthday ever, now Bring on Christmas, I hope you all have a happy Chirstmas and a fab new year! See you all in the new year!



2 thoughts on “Chapter 25”

  1. Sometimes I think it is best to now know exactly what you want in life, because then it gives you more time to explore what works and what doesn’t. It is better than having a plan set out in stone, only to find that it does not work for you.


  2. Ah, but look at the love you managed to gather into your life, Beth! That’s achievement enough for anyone, regardless of their age.
    (I’m Robert – I just happened on your blog – sorry to intrude – over and out)

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