Hello 2022

Happy New Year!

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

I don’t think I’m doing goals this year, personally because I always end up saying that I’ll make an effort to be healthier and make better choices, work hard at my career and sometimes the pressure can get to me of living up theperfect ideal that I give up and it’s not a nice feeling to give up on goals that you have set for yourself.

2021 was a year of ups and downs, I lost loved ones but I know that I’m not the only one unfortunately. However I did have some good moments, one fo them being starting my own little small business, it take up a lot of time so I’ve also had to teach myself how to balnce that alongside my full time job, I’m still learning now if I’m honest.

Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

One thing I do want to work on through 2022 is to be better at my finances, I’m doing my own research on how to handle finances a bit better and hopefully I can start to build up a decent savings account, that’s one thing I’ve never looked at bettering before, the classic go to is to always improve something physical about yourself that the external factors in your life are often overlooked.

Here’s to 2022 and I look forward the new memories that I’m going to create. Tell me what you are looking forward to going into the new year…



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