New Size Nerves

TW! Weight Gain

Spring is on its way, I know the weather may not reflect that quite yet, but I promise you it is coming. Are you getting bored of winter clothes and having to put on 10,000 layers in the morning because I am, don’t get me wrong I am obsessed with a good trench coat and huge scarf that I could wrap around me 3 times, but I love the warmer weather that little bit more. Spring is just right it’s not too cold but it’s also not too hot. I’m excited to chuck on a midi skirt without my legs going numb from the blistering cold.

But there is something that is not spoke about enough, and that is Spring fashion. No, I’m not talking about the hot new trends and the shops filling up their rails with Spring 2022 pieces I’m talking about the clothes we’ve already got in our wardrobe. I have found that since Spring last year I don’t fit into some of my favourite pieces I used to wear, but did I get upset? No. Did I let my new weight gain affect me? No. First and foremost why should we scrutinise our bodies when we wouldn’t dare scrutinise anyone else’s? Why is our first instinct to treat ourselves worse than the way we treat others?

Also, I want to preach this from the high heavens… clothes are meant to fit you, you aren’t meant to fit them! Just because the numbers in the label of your favourite dress is increasing doesn’t mean you’re any less beautiful, that’s a load of rubbish! Granted most high street shops sizing is all over the place, in one shop I’m a 10 and the next I’m a 14. But I don’t care about the size, if I’m a 14 and it’s two sizes bigger than the size my body says I am, that doesn’t bother me, I’m not going to squeeze my body into the smaller size because that’s what society has made me feel like I need to do, I’m going to take the size that fits and wear it with pride because I look damn good in it! Can I get an AMEN!

Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

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