‘Likes’ Don’t Define You

Social media is a big part of everyday life, people post the best bits of their day to tell their friends or if it’s even to keep it for memories later on in life, whether that would be in the form of a vlog, or a blog post or a picture on Instagram. Today’s generation has shown that social media whether people like it or not has firmly made it’s spot in society however it is also responsible for pressures in society too. Why haven’t I got my life together by the age of 21? Why do I not look like the girls on the runways at New York Fashion Week? Oh my god I have stretch marks, I’m ugly! All of these thoughts that we are enforced to think have been planted into our minds by a little seed called social media.

It’s not rocket science to know that when it comes to business and promotion the easiest and best way to do that is on social media, I like to use Instagram for promoting my blog, I still haven’t quite got the hang of this TikTok thing so that’s on the back burner… Anyway, Instagram, I enjoy Instagram but it has its downs as well as its ups, for example, comparing yourself to others! I was so so guilty of this, why is my feed not ‘aesthetically pleasing’? Why do I have spots and blemishes on my face and she doesn’t? Sometimes you need to learn to switch that off and I know for a fact that it takes time, but the biggest thing that helped me was to unfollow those that you didn’t want to see for you own mental health and follow those that you related too. There are so many creators out there who are relatable in the way you can relate too yourself.

Instagram and likes, it’s a big thing, the battle for so many likes. Engagement is important I understand that especially when you are using Instagram for a business tool but people don’t engage when it’s obvious that you’re posting only to gain engagement, post what you want to post and then people will see the genuine you and how passionate you are about what you’re promoting. I follow a lot of self love creators because it has helped me learn that I’m not the only person on a self love journey and following creators like these makes me feel like I have people and we are going through this self love journey together.

The amount of likes you get on a post, reel or story doesn’t define, you or your worth. Stop thinking of those 50 likes and compare to the creator that got 100, you are on your own journey, think of a room and fill it with 50 people, that is how many people like what you have to say, when you imagine the amount physically than just seeing a number on a screen it makes you view your thought process from a different perspective.

How do you feel about social media and the pressures that it has placed into society today?



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