Mental Health In Pregnancy

Mental health has been a wild journey for me, a ton of ups and downs and now even more so with all the hormones that come with pregnancy. It’s something that I didn’t expect to affect me so badly as I have suffered with my own mental health journey for so many years now that you think I’d hit every bump in the road but boy was I wrong!

Something that I have always done and is almost paying rent in my own head at this point is overthinking, I’ve briefly wrote about this topic before, you can view it here. I end up overthinking about things that usually wouldn’t bother me, I know the majority of this is down to hormones in pregancy but it drains you completely and I end up apologising constantly to my significant other which I convince myself drains him too, even though he has told me otherwise. Overthinking is the demon in your brain and the more you feed it the more powerful it gets.

Mood swings, yep the most common symptom in pregnancy which really doesn’t help when you suffer with your own mental health issues, a bad day can turn into a really bad day. I’m emotional over the most smallest things and I feel that although mood swings are common and expected in pregnancies these emotional states are hitting me twice as hard and it’s something I’ve never experienced before.

The one thing I’ve noticed that has taken a massive toll on my mental health is the way my body is changing, despite that my body is growing a human and it’s doing an incredible thing it still is something that getting used to seemed to be quite difficult. The constant weight gain which obviously is going to happen still affects me in a way I’ve never been affected before. I’m learning to love myself in a new way, appreciate what my body is doing. Within the journey of learning to love my body in a new way I also discovered an insecurity that I never thought I would have to deal with, I’ve been smaller chested all my life and went through my teenage years learning to love my body for the way it looked, becoming pregnant also means an increase in chest size and it’s now a new insecurity of mine, I feel like I got so used to loving me when I was smaller that now that I’m bigger I feel uncomfortable, I don’t feel like me, and it’s one hell of a journey I’ll tell you that.

Self love takes time and you will experience new and unexpected bumps along the way.



5 thoughts on “Mental Health In Pregnancy”

  1. After 9 months, when that little monster come out crying.
    That is the best feeling for a mother.
    And the pain they go through…. I believe in women’s supremacy.
    My love and respect for you 🌈🦋💙

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