The Second Trimester

Hello you gorgeous bunch, Now that I’ve entered my third trimester of pregnancy, I want to talk to you about my experience of the second trimester. I’ve already covered the first trimester in this blog post.


Headaches. When I tell you my headaches were bad, I really mean it. They started when I was around 14 weeks pregnant, and continued pretty much throughout most of the second trimester. Bearing in mind that medication when you’re pregnant is limited, so there’s not much option in regards to treating it. I found lying down in a dark room the best way to cope when this situation made an appearance.

Anxiety. I’ve briefly touched on mental health in pregnancy,  but to sum it up in a short paragraph, it’s very much a heightened version of what my anxiety was, this is down to hormones and mood swings which can result in manipulating your own mind into an overthinking overload.

Tiredness is definitely something that I have felt more of in this second trimester compared to the first, my body on some days felt like it was completely shutting down. Alongside the tiredness there was stress, this has to be controlled regardless, as any type of stress can be harmful to your baby, they feel what you feel.

Gender Scan!

It’s a boy! I genuinely believed I was having a girl down to all the old wives tales and even the little magpie poem that some of you may be familiar with; 3 for a girl, 4 for a boy. I was seeing magpies in 3’s every where I went, I was convinced at this point that my little one was a girl which was perfect as a name was already chosen but, however we found out that he’s a boy and I can tell you now he’s not afraid to let us know and he proudly shows himself off on the scans. I’m not disappointed in the slightest, I know gender disappointment is a thing for some soon to be parents but I’m happy as anything I am.

Amongst all of this joy we did find out that our baby boy has a mass on his lung, as scary as this sounds, and let me tell you I was petrified, once seeing a specialist they soon put our minds at ease. They see these kinds of things every day so for them it’s not as rare as we had researched it to be. It is something called a CPAM, it will mean that baby may have to have surgery after he is born, but that all depends on the size of the mass, and we are having regular scans on our baby boy to monitor the size, and then if it gets to a concerning size we’ll be referred to a paediatric surgeon.

It all sounds incredibly scary but I’m not worried as much anymore, the specialists have comforted me and reassured me that baby will be fine, despite having to have scans when he’s born and possibly surgery, they did also say that CPAM’s usually stop growing between 26-28 weeks pregnant and I’m 28 weeks now so fingers crossed that it’s not growing anymore and baby is one happy and healthy little one.



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