My 3 Loves For Autumn

Hi, Anyone else feel like this year has just zoomed by and now we’re suddenly in autumn? I do. I love autumn, Summer used to be my favourite season of the year but with being pregnant and practically melting in the heatwaves we’ve been having, I found an old rekindled love for autumn, and not to be too cliche but it is the prettiest season, so here are my top 3 favourite things about autumn.


I’d be lying if I said the colours of autumn weren’t the prettiest but, there’s something about the orange and brown crunchy leaves and the chocolatey colours of a mocha from my favourite coffee shop. The changing of the colours in the trees is my favourite part, seeing that cycle and then turn into the most gorgeous autumn colours has such a cosy feeling about it. if you love autumn as much as I do then you’ll be able to relate with what I mean.


The BEST part about autumn! disagree with me all you like however Halloween in my opinion is the best holiday of the year, I love dressing up, the make up, the sweets, the games, I love everything about Halloween. Decorating the house is my favourite thing, this year will be slightly different however as we may be in the midst of moving around this time if all goes to plan so much to my utterly heartbroken soul, I don’t think decorating this year for me is on the cards but that means that I can go bigger and better next year, and I have my little boy to celebrate with too.


Lastly, the autumnal fashion, layers upon layers and cute spotty tights with black skirts and boots, being able to bring my favourite boots out after a hot summer is the best feeling ever, I do love a good pair of Doc Martens however, if you are on a budget there are tons of high street shops that do perfect dupes of these boots, my favourites are from Primark, such good value and as long as you take care of them properly they can last a fair amount of time too. Keep an eye out for a post coming up soon which will talk about all things maternity fashion…

What are your favourite things about autumn? Is autumn your favourite season?



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