My Maternity Fashion Faves

Maternity fashion can be difficult, you want to dress so that you feel comfortable but still look and feel confident in what you are wearing. Nowadays there are plenty more options for expectant mothers and what we can wear and I want to share with you some of my faves that I’ve been loving lately.

Oversized tops, I have a few of these oversized tops from Boohoo, they aren’t necessarily in the maternity section but I just bought a couple of sizes up from my normal size and they fit around the bump just fine, they were perfect for when the heatwave hit in the summer.

My other fave goes along side the oversized tops and it’s my cycling shorts, The brown ones that I am wearing in the picture above are from New Look and they are SO stretchy! They are perfect for my bump and I know that they are stretchy enough for my bump for the rest of my pregnancy too, I can’t recommend them enough.

Now, when it comes to preparing for a baby things turn out pretty expensive, and a great alternative for me when shopping for a wardrobe that will fit me but by staying within my budget was Shein, they have a great maternity range, I adored this dress that I bought from there so much I got it in a burgandy colour too for when autum hit. I styled this dress with an oversized white shirt that I got from New Look, it’s a perfect way to dress up a basic midi dress.

Another one from Shein are these dungarees, They have shorts too which I also ended up buying as it was summer at the time however I made sure to buy these for when the cold weather started to creep in. They have plenty of stretch in them which immediately gains my respect for them as I love having the extra room and not feel constricted in the clothes that I wear.

Along with my Shein purchase I did also order some nursing bras and I’m not lying when I tell you, they are the comfiest bras EVER!!! I’m not over exaggerating here, I’m just being honest, if you’re an expectant mother who plans on breastfeeding your baby, get yourself to Shein right now and order some!

When it comes to trousers I grabbed myself a pair of the ribbed flared trousers that are all over the high street right now, I just sized up and they fit perfectly over my growing bump and most importantly they are comfy too, I found a pair of black ones from George at Asda that I have practically lived in and I am on the hunt for more colours, but a little birdie tells me they are perfect for post partum too so definitely worth the investment.

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