Is It Too Early For Christmas?

Recently I was invited to my first ever launch event, when someone reached out to me through my blog, and I was excited to see that despite it being a small event and only baby steps it’s nice to see that I’m progressing with my blog the way I want to even if the engagement on social media lately feels like next to nothing, but that’s a story for another time.

I was invited to see the launch of a Christmas department in a garden centre, and for any Christmas fan like myself it was heaven. Once having a good look round I managed to buy a garland for my fireplace and items to decorate it to make it my own, not only that but I managed to get a nutcracker, something I’ve been after for a while for my Christmas decorations. Lastly, I bought baby boy’s first bauble, I cannot tell you how excited I am to decorate my tree come December!

I’m definitely happy to see progress on my blog and knowing that it is reaching out to people and seeing it grow, my blog is my little baby. Events like these just goes to show that the amount of hard work I put into this blog is so so worth it, sometimes with low engagement and dropping numbers as much as we tell ourselves not to concentrate on that it can affect us but things like these showing up and opportunities like this is something that makes me so proud of myself. Here’s to more events like this in the future!



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