How To Cope With Change

Change. It can be very scary, especially when you suffer with anxiety and like the routine that you are in, being able to cope with change can become the toughest obstacle course to overcome. Recently I’ve had a big change in my life, and no I’m not talking about my pregnancy although yes that is a big change, I’m talking about moving home. Me and my boyfriend recently moved home to a bigger flat as we needed space to raise a baby, however moving home in itself is a stressful process but suffereing with anxiety and a touch of pregancy hormones it became the most stressful situation that I have been in.

Us anxiety sufferers tend to steer away from change as we like the routine that we are settled in, it’s our comfort zone, however, there are moments in life particularly like this one for me when we have to incorporate change for a better future. But how have I coped through this stressful point in my life?

Think of the final result. this is one of the main factors that I took into account during the moving process, my mind kept drifting to the awfully long list of to-do’s that I had to tick off I constantly lost track of why I was doing it and needed to remind myself of the final result which is a family home for my little family, being able to have more space. even though it was weird to move out of our first little flat we had together it’s important to remember that we are progressing up the ladder and not downwards.

Treat yourself to new home decor, this is another thing that helps! Express yourself in your new home, nothing is more exciting that new things for your home, thinking of how I’m going to be able to decorate my new space for Christmas. My focus always had to go onto something positive when I felt the stress build up.

Despite the stress and anxierty that comes with change the biggest factor was to focus on the positive and I’m not the most positive thinking person all the time so it was hard but an experience I’m grateful to have learned from.

How do you cope with change?


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