Christmas Gift Guide On A Budget

Of course my first post in december had to be Christmas themed. With Christmas coming up quicker than ever, and the cost of living crisis I’m sure I’m not the only one that is worrying about the cost of Christmas presents this year. I wanted to share with you some of my budget friendly ideas that I will be using myself this year when it comes to buying friends and family Christmas presents.


This is a lovely gift regardless of what it is you decide to make because the most important thing that I love with handmade gifts is knowing that the person made the effort to go out of their way to think of you and make you a wonderful gift rather than buy it off the shelf in the shop. And the options are endless, even look at etsy for inspiration on what Christmas crafts you can make for your loved ones.

Gift sets

These are so practical, I love gifting people gift sets and they are such good value too! I know that my family and friends will use a gift set and when on a budget they are perfect. I particularly love the shower gifts sets and bath gift sets perfect for whoever on your list. Boots and Superdrug are perfect for the affordable gift sets but it’s also worth checking out your local supermarket too because sometimes they have some gems on the shelf.


For the food lover in your life this is perfect and something you know that they will appreciate, there are tons of these on the shelves in shops around this time of year so you have plenty of options. Also going back to the handmade idea, there is nothing wrong with making your own chocolates or cookies for that special someone. It will go down a treat!


Now this can be pricey but if you do it right you can do it on a budget, I like to use Primark as a perfect example for buying someone clothes as a present. Vouchers are also an option and also you can decide how much you would like to gift, that way you can still stay in your budget.



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