Journal Therapy… The Way It Suits You!

In my spare time I have been completing a journal therapy course as much as I do enjoy writing down my feelings when I have an anxious moment, I struggled with keeping up that habit for it to actually make a difference on my mental health. However I have found a love for bullet journaling and junk journaling. I find that these types of journaling methods are a perfect escapism and is almost my own version of journal therapy.

My first bullet journal

I find inspiration for my bullet journaling on Pinterest, especially if it’s your first time making one it’s the perfect place to start to get some ideas on what to create and write inside your bullet journal. I have also enjoyed junk journaling and I love the aspect of it not being perfect, and letting your personality just spill out onto the page with stickers and bits of paper and doodles. it’s the perfect way for me to excape and I genuinely find it so theraputic.

Top tips

My first tip for any kind of journaling that you were going to start would be to invest in a journal that you love. I got mine from Papier. Journal therapy works better when you using your favourite journal, it is more likely then to be well used and can make it an easier habit to keep up when you are writing in something that you adore.

My second tip would be to use your favourite stationary. This is a similar reason to the previous point, you are more likely to keep up the habit if you are using your favourite pens and pencils, it can sound strange but if your stationary obsessed then I know you have a favourite that you use all the time, don’t even try to deny it!

My third and final tip is, the messier it is the less you hold onto mentally. This is the most importnant one, don’t hold back, let everything out onto the page, your mind will feel clearer for it afterwards I promise you. Your journal is your private space it is for your eyes only, so make the most of that little world where it is you and only you and tell that whole world everything that is on your mind.

Do you like to journal? How do you like to journal? What are your top tips?



1 thought on “Journal Therapy… The Way It Suits You!”

  1. […] I’ve recently found a love for journaling and also bullet journaling. I’ve combined the two and I’m using ot as a nice hobby for a bit of self care, and a way to get my emotions and thoughts out in a healthy way. I love doing it and I could sit for hours writing and doing little doodles in my journal! If you no stranger to a notebook and a pen then I recommend you try it, I even touched on this in another blog post of mine, you can read it here. […]


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