My January Favourites

January, what feels like the longest month of the year. I have been through every single emotion going in January. My Anxiety said a huge hello to me a few more times than I would’ve liked in January. But I ploughed through it, my poor boyfriend defintely had a hard time but he is a diamond and the best support bubble ever! Enough of that, let’s get down to what I’ve been loving in January.

Kindle – The Birdcage

I’ve been loving my Kindle. don’t get me wrong I do love the feeling of holding an actual book but storage is an issue in my flat especially now that I have a baby, so at the moment my Kindle is a god send. I got it as a present for my birthday from my boyfriend. I’ve been reading a boot called The Birdcage by Eve Chase and I have loved reading this book. I do love a thriller, and this book is perfect. I’m by no means a book review writer so all I’m going to say is, if you love thrillers then you’ll love this.

Miracle Serum

Since pregnancy my hair type has changed drastically it’s kind of a weird wavy/straight type and I can’t seem to find the right products that prevents me from looking like Monica in that episode of friends with her frizzy hair, if you know, you know. But this Miracle Serum by Pantene is truly the best thing that I have used on my hair, it has several uses, I’ve been using at as a hair mask and a conditioner and it leaves my hair the softest and smoothest that it has ever been!

New Look Jeans

Jeans. They are so so difficult to buy, especially when the high street can’t stick to the same sizing all across the board but Tori jeans from New Look are a winner for me. I prefer a mom jean style and the New Look Tori jeans are perfect. Even after birth they are the perfect jeans to exist.

The Sims

A little guilty pleasure of mine is The Sims, I’ve been playing The Sims 4 recently, When I’ve had a little moment to myself I like to escape into my Sims game, I find it so theraputic, designing wacky houses and creating a little virtual world. A timeless classic if you ask me!


I’ve recently found a love for journaling and also bullet journaling. I’ve combined the two and I’m using ot as a nice hobby for a bit of self care, and a way to get my emotions and thoughts out in a healthy way. I love doing it and I could sit for hours writing and doing little doodles in my journal! If you no stranger to a notebook and a pen then I recommend you try it, I even touched on this in another blog post of mine, you can read it here.

What have been some things that you have been loving in January?



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